Let’s Talk About Platinum Silicone Dildos


We know you’re here to get railed to hell and back. And while we are *more* than

happy to facilitate you being the biggest slut you can be, we also want you to feel confident that you’re safe to do so with our platinum silicone toys.

It’s a big world out there, and unfortunately not all sex toys are created equal. You may have heard about platinum cure silicone before. It’s a high quality material we use in all our toys. So, if you’re curious about what all the fuss is about - read on to find out why it makes the best (and safest) sex toys!


Many cheaper, plastic toys have tiny microscopic holes which bacteria can make their home in. Over time, these bacteria can cause discolouration, bad smells and even make you sick. These holes make it difficult to sanitise your toys, which is made more difficult by the fact that most plastic toys can’t be cleaned with boiling water.

Platinum silicone toys however are non-porous and can be cleaned with boiling water. Keeping you safe, and meaning your toy will stay usable for a *very* long time.


You would hope that ‘non-toxic’ wouldn’t need to be a selling point for sex toys, but unfortunately it is. Cheap sex toys often add chemicals called phthalates to soften them up. The problem with this is that these chemicals can leach out over time, causing irritation, chemical burns and other issues. 

Our platinum silicone toys are naturally soft and don’t need added chemicals!

Furthermore, platinum silicone dildos are considered hypoallergenic, as silicone allergies are exceedingly rare.

Comfortable as Hell!

Safety isn’t the only selling point of platinum cure silicone, it also has a great fleshy feel to it. Soft and squishy. Toys will glide into you and feel great while doing so. 

This softness is comparable to something from Topped Toys or Bad Dragon, or slightly softer than a Hankey’s Toy. 

Platinum cure silicone is also famously durable. These are toys that are going to last you a very long time, and also take a fair amount of punishment while at it.


The platinum in the name isn’t just for show, we use actual platinum in our toy making process!

Platinum is used as a catalyst, as opposed to being included in the furnished product. This helps create strong chemical bonds in our toys that are useful for all sorts of things. They allow us to add vibrant colours as well as making the toys structurally solid enough to facilitate all sorts of fantastical shapes. 

Furthermore, it’s important for keeping our toys stable. The bonds created by the platinum catalyst are strong enough to withstand extreme temperatures, meaning you can boil your toy to ensure it’s sanitised properly, while also riding it to your heart's content without breaking poor Marchosias.


Your platinum silicone toys can be easily hand washed with simple warm water and soap. Ideally clean the toys straight after use, but if there’s any dried fluids or excess lube, simply run this off with your hands. Avoid brushes or anything similarly harsh that may damage the toy. 

It’s not necessary to heat sanitise platinum silicone toys, as they’re non-porous, but you may occasionally want to do this for your own piece of mind - especially if using the toy with different partners. In this case, bring a pot of water to boil and place your toy for around eight to ten minutes. Don’t worry about damaging your toy, platinum silicone can take the heat! (note, plastic toys will not be able to withstand this.)  

Platinum silicone can be used on a ‘sanitise’ setting in a dishwasher! Please be careful not to use detergent or dish washer tablets. These are strong cleaners and could damage your toy.

Not at all! Metal, glass and ceramics are also totally viable options for sex toys. These are all non-porous and easily sanitised. We just prefer platinum silicone toys as they’re softer, and we believe them to be more enjoyable.

Generally we would recommend water-based lubricants or special-fisting lubricants such as X-lube. These will both clean off super easy. 

Silicone lubes can be used with our toys, but will be rather difficult to clean off afterwards.