This year we're doing things a little bit differently. Last year we built up some stock, let as many customers as possible order as much as they wanted, fulfil what we could from inventory and then make the remaining stock. This meant some customers had to wait up to 8 weeks to receive their order which we don't like to do.

This year we have spent the last few months building up as much inventory as possible and we will only be putting what we physically have on sale. Ultimately this is a better deal for you the customer, it just means that the stock may not be there all weekend. It does mean however that when you place and order you can be sure that your toys are already made and ready to go out the door. 

There still could be up to a two week delay in shipping but rest assured this will be an issue of packing the orders while still packing new regular orders and not an issue of production.

We want to give this a try this year, it may mean we make a little less over the sale period but for us getting your new toys into your hands as soon as possible is more important to us. No one wants to wait months to receive their new toy and now you won't have to!

Naberus will not be available during the sale due to ongoing supply issues with the super soft silicone we use for him, we have more arriving but we don't have a definitive ETA and so we can't guarantee when he will ship, so we'd rather not have anyone waiting around.

Our sale will be going live at 00:01 Thursday 24th (that's Wednesday night) and will conclude at 23:59 on Monday 28th.



  • Inventory has been built up to max level
  • All toys are pre-made and ready to ship
  • Same Day/Next Day shipping will be suspended
  • Some orders may take 1-2 weeks to ship
  • Free shipping and discount codes will be suspended
  • Sale runs Midnight Wednesday to Midnight Monday