We are two guys based in London who love all things toys and all things beastly and hellish. That's why we decided to bring all the ideas in our heads into the real world. 
There are loads of great Platinum Silicone toy manufacturers out there but we felt we could add something to the space, toys that exist where fantasy meets reality. 
All our toys are made from high quality body safe platinum cure silicone, this makes our toys extremely durable and with the right care means they will last you long into the future.
We spend a huge amount of time conceptualising our toys, thinking about what shapes would feel great or that cater to a specific desire, whether that be width, depth or both!
We work with a very talented 3D designer who takes our ideas and transforms them into 3D model. From here we spend more time refining every small detail, the placement of every vein and every bulge, once we are happy with the 3D model we 3D print a prototype and make a mould.  Any issues with sizing, proportions and small details gets ironed out here, when we're happy we rinse, repeat and fill holes.
We then work with an amazing artist (Vitamin Bara) who brings our Beasts to life and creates beautiful imagery for everyone to drool over; what starts as an idea in our heads eventually ends up as a fully usable cock and a fully realised character thanks to the collaboration between everyone involved with Twisted Beast.
We hope you love our Beasts as much as we do, and we look forward to introducing you to many more.