All our toys are available to view as a 3D Model and also in Augmented Reality.
With AR you can place our 3D models in your own space. This means you can see exactly how one of our toys will size up to another toy you already own or another object in your room.
The AR Feature is Native to iPhone and with Android you may need to ensure your Google Play Services App is up to date.
All you need to do to use this feature is to swipe across the product images and select the 3D Model you want to size up. 3D Models are displayed in size order from smallest to largest.
Select "View in your space" on the product page, this will open the full screen 3D model.
Selecting "View in your space" again will open the AR Viewer.
The best way to place our toys in your space is to use an uncluttered and well lit counter top or table top. Move your phone camera around until the model pops in, moving your camera around lets the AR viewer visualise your space.
Once it's settled you can move the camera around the model or place one of your existing toys beside it to see how it measures up.
If things don't look quite right we recommend trying to check if you get the same result.
As with most things there is room for human error when using this feature; for example, if you try and place the model on a very far away surface, use a dimly lit room, a cluttered surface or try placing it on a dark surface. By following our tips you should be able to see just how big or small your chosen Beast really is.