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X Lube is your favourite lube for all kinds of play. Added to water it produces a crystal clear gel free of any tastes or odours. The lubricant has a natural feel, is extremely slippery with a long-lasting cushioning slide.

Mix it to your needs and simply add X Lube Powder to water (not the other way round) and stir or shake it.

Wash your sheets and towels in the machine, no stains will be left. If you have some spillage wipe it away with a dry towel or cloth, simple.

For more information read the FAQ's below or scroll down to watch the video.

Most importantly: always add X Lube powder to water and not the other way round. The rest is straight forward.

If you mix it in a bottle or a sports bottle just follow our animation video or the step-by-step guide on the bottle and the leaflet attached.

Should you prefer to mix it in a bowl, fill it with warm water and use a fork or something similar and slowly stir the powder in. Occasionally stir the mixture again until it has dissolved. You can use the gel after 20-30mins, but it’s best developed after an hour or so.

Don’t use a blender or mechanical mixer as it chops the lube apart turning it into water.

Is tap water ok?

Yes, but… the quality of tap water varies greatly from country to country and is often chlorinated. We therefore recommend you boil it before use, which not only disinfects the water properly, but also gets rid of any free chloride. Also if you let the water cool to about 40-50 degrees X Lube powder will dissolve even faster. Alternatively use bottled water, this way you can be sure it’s free of chloride. Why is this important? Frankly X Lube doesn’t like chloride. It turns it back to water. Which is great if you need to get rid of any residues from your bowl or bottle etc. Just add a small amount of household bleach, let it do its work and in minutes you can rinse it clean.

What if it hasn’t dissolved properly?

In the unlikely event that this is happening, just shake or stir the gel a couple of times more. In our experience, that solves the issue beautifully given a bit of extra time. What causes it is simply that the powder is lighter than water and floats to the top before being thoroughly absorbed. If you mix X Lube in a bottle, it is also a good idea to lay the bottle horizontally between shaking.

How do I store X Lube Gel?

Out of sunlight, in an air-tight container (bottle, Tupperware etc.) and ideally a cool place like a fridge.

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I tried it and I approve it : the best there is!

Axel Abysse

The BEST powdered lube. Period


X Lube really helps, it’s easy to make and stays smooth.

Yoshi Kawasaki

I stop people from using anything else with me now.

Sam Syron